A DFW Parks & Playgrounds Update & a Request

Things haven't been as active around here as they used to be, sorry about that.  Let me explain why.  First of all, The Boy wants to introduce someone special...
Little Brother!
As you can imagine, managing The Boy, taking pictures, & waddling around got a bit hard.  Then, managing a newborn & big brother took up all my time & energy, so there wasn't much park visiting happening.  Sorry!!
Then, we had to leave DFW for a job relocation.  Don't worry though, I will continue to add new parks!  It's going to be a bit more complicated to make it happen, and it won't happen as often as I'd like, but there will be more reviews & the ones already here aren't going anywhere!

ALSO, we've added a sister site (or perhaps it's a BROTHER site?  ;p) - Houston Area Parks & Playgrounds.  So, if you know anyone in Houston, or plan to visit & need a place to stop & let the kids burn off some energy, keep us in mind!  (Head on over & "like" our Houston Facebook page while you're at it.)

Now, I said I had a request, and I do!  I'd like to think DFW Parks & Playgrounds has been a good resource for many DFW parents, and I'd love to see it continue to grow in review volume so that it can really cover all the needs of park-loving families in DFW.  So, my request is that you consider doing a guest review.  There's not much work for you to do, I promise, all I really need is pictures.  If there's anything I really need to know about the park, you'll have to share that too, but I'll do all the research & writing for the review.  You just have to snap some pics of the park the next time you're out playing (you don't need to be a professional photographer, you can tell I'm not!, and cell phone pics work great).  That's it, really.  I just need some [recent] pictures, easy enough, huh?  You can include your kids or not, that's up to you, but I won't publish any posts with any real names & I ask that you try as best you can to not to get any clear pictures of kids that don't belong to you.  We want to protect the privacy of children (and other adults) as much as we can around here.
If you're interested in helping, just email me at dfwparks@yahoo.com.  

Thanks for supporting me the past 3 years, it's been lots of fun!

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